The library is open!

The 7STAROT first edition tarot deck has officially launched. Thank you to all the starz out there that have supported any part of the 7STAROT process from conception to launch (shout-out to family, friends, tarot readers, selfie-lovers, and nail art enthusiasts alike)! It has been so amazing seeing people paint their nails, share photos and videos with the chakra filters, and most of all use the cards to craft a more colorful world.

I started 7STAROT in 2018 as an intuitive project to explore the traditional meanings of the tarot cards through a lens that blended gender, graphic design, mysticism, and social media. Now, there’s nail polish, a tarot deck, and a ton of filters out in the world!

I’m a little nervous to put the deck into your hands, but also excited by all the positive feedback! I’m constantly learning and have heard a lot from people wanting a little bit more guidance with the deck. So, I’m planning to break down the meaning of each card and help readers use the deck more efficiently. Eventually, I hope this will turn into a guidebook for a second printing (don’t worry! if you bought the first edition, I’ll make sure you get a physical and digital copy of any guidebook that may come in the future).

Stay tuned for tips on how to use the deck, updates on new products, and more magic from 7STAROT!

Shine on,