The Justice Card

a graphic image of the justice card


  • Primary: Equality, fairness, law
  • Secondary: third eye chakra, Libra, truth
  • Tertiary: balance, karma

The justice card shows a large circle seemingly split into two equal parts. Despite this attempt at equality, the justice symbol is not perfectly divided. The thick purple border outlining the black half reduces the surface area of one side. This imbalance shows us that not all is as it appears. In our efforts to set rules and regulations for society, we inherently create imbalances (especially when it comes to enforcing those rules). True justice is not as black and white as the text used to write our laws. When you pull the justice card, remember that there can be no justice without peace and no peace without justice. Reflect on how you’ve experienced right and wrong, so you can redefine what it means to be truly just.

Reversed Questions: How are you benefitting from unjust laws? What legal ramifications are you skirting? What parts of your life are not in balance? Is your society corrupt? How can you change injustices you see?